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Episode 50: The Challenge Episode

Malcolm Rosenthal

This here's a bit of a challenge. It was a challenge for us, certainly. It absolutely presents Susan with some challenges. You might even find it a bit of a challenge to listen to yourself.

In this episode Susan gets a friend into hot water but doesn't get them out, fails to bribe a bridge troll (honestly he's a very nice man, not a troll at all), and does screech her fact clean of hair.

Episode 49: Wax Daddy, My Baddy

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan climbs a wall (or rather, doesn't climb a wall), destroys a celebrity through great negligence, and then rebuilds that celebrity through grit (and wax).

For those who haven’t seen the infamous Puff Daddy stage melting video, you can find that right here. Not that we recommend watching it.

Episode 48: Qua

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan dives for those sweet treasures that only the ocean can provide, exploits the misfortune of others to finally go viral, and loses herself (at least partially) to nature.

Episode 42: Kevin's Orb-O

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan indulges in a brief dalliance with an international personage of mystery (lips not included), the mystic spiritual nature of the nation's favorite Kevin is discussed in detail, and Susan runs important sociological simulations on the classic pillbug computer.

Episode 41: Do chickens go to goat heaven?

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan's neck is briefly enlarged (in the classic adolescent fashion), the chicken afterlife is discussed in rigorous detail, and the mathematics of complements are derived for the enjoyment of the listening audience.

Episode 40: Death of the lovers

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan experiments with one of the lesser-known drugs of the 90s party scene, inherits an ageist instrument, and almost experiences the great dream of flight. Maggie's callous treatment of her fellow travelers on spaceship earth is also discussed.

Episode 39: Jiffy boy tape

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan makes her small screen debut, pushing the boundaries of broadcast television along the way, attracts an undefined but large number of boys (subject to real-world test verification), and comes close to straddling the yawning gap between two adjacent universes.

Episode 38: Ghost dicks

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan does not receive the gift of X-ray vision, but one of her household appliances does. Ghost dicks, unfortunately, are also discussed... several times.

Episode 37: My bro Justin

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan plays the role of reverse wingman for an old friend, is treated to a tale of dark oceanic betrayals, and spends some time with her good bro Justin.

Episode 36: The dark purr

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan uses an immersive emotional soundscape to define her living space, we tread dangerously close to the border between art and life, and life and art, and the nature of consciousness and the rational mind is deeply, and carefully, discussed.

Episode 35: The winter, AKA forever

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which the subjects of animal stalking, summer camps, and squirrel masks are discussed, Susan uses her Ouija skills to satisfy the deepest wishings of a sad old man, and a new branch is added to Susan's illustrious family tree.