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Episode 26: Saarloos and fancy free

Malcolm Rosenthal

It's our inaugural semi-annual, biennial celebration of our six month anniversary! Pre-recorded live, professionally by amateurs, celebrating the first ever appearance of M & M in the same physical locale.

In which Susan finds a way to cope with the stresses of the sugarbean picking festival, travels the globe on the...

Episode 25: Peepin' that wahoo

Malcolm Rosenthal

It's Susan from Scratch's first official Halloween episode, with all the new memories and experiences you've come to expect, plus some extra frights and scares (and a wahoo or two)!

Susan explores the boundaries of sensible costumery and dabbles with the cursed carcanet of slumbers.

Also, did we mention the wahoo?

Episode 23: The "at the moment" machine

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which the number 5 is discussed in detail, some birds (or many birds, rather) are suggested and dismissed without discussion, an iron rod turns out not to be iron after all, and Susan holds forth on the interesting subject of screws.

Episode 22: Not a serious bonsai

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan's various shrines are discussed in some detail, we extract a memory from one of our dear listeners, and various things that are certainly not a serious bonsai are discussed. Also, horse femurs.

Episode 21: Calculate this!

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan grows some large turnips in a competitive environment and meets Moe. To say more about Moe would do him an injustice - his is a story that must unfold in its own time.

Additionally, the booty dance.

Episode 20: Book blurps

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan buys some books, loses a cousin in that old pencil-case way, and finally figures out how (and importantly, when) to eat (and importantly, when to not eat) pickled sausages.

Episode 19: The Pigeons

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which we explore Susan's neighbors, their quest to sneak in for free ham sandwiches, their continued problems with unexpected breezes, and their eventual rapturous discovery of true romance.

Episode 18: Banan-o-vision

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan receives specific insight into her future receipt of that most delightful of edible yellowfruits, and considers, but does not in the end buy, his one good soup. Bruce Willis is also briefly discussed.

Episode 16: The Clandestine Gourmand

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan witnesses the building of a monument to an old... friend, utilizes her scent-proofing skills to sneak her own culinary creations into enemy restaurants, and goes undercover with the artichicks.

Episode 14: Pierres

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan's time on the goat farm comes to an extreme conclusion, some pick up lines are tried (and fail), and Susan gains a few unexpected housemates.

Episode 13: Be careful!

Malcolm Rosenthal

In which Susan plays a dangerous game with fire, considers the potential uses of a certain male product, and becomes an accidental expert on the deep, mysterious rituals of bears.